Workshop on eLawyering in Miami: 02/03/2017

National Council of Bar Presidents
ABA Mid-Year Meeting in Miami, Florida
The Bar’s Role in Virtual Law Miami Lecture Hall, 3rd Floor.
Hyatt Regency Hotel
Friday, February 3, 2017
10:45- 11:45 A.M.

eLawyering Success FactorseLawyering, also call Virtual Law Practice, was an idea that was created over 20 years ago, but the practice is still a new concept to many bar leaders. How do bars regulate law firms that don’t have “walls”? What models are out there for law firms to work in this new technology? What is the bar’s role in training, educating and mentoring virtual lawyers who have a completely different orientation from the “traditional” law firm? What are the career paths for virtual lawyers? How do you assist law firms who want to learn how to deliver legal services online? What vendors offers services that enable law firms do offer legal services online? What is the difference between an “eLawyer” and just an “untethered” lawyer? What are the ethical issues that lawyers need to be aware of when delivering legal services online?

Is eLawyering the future of the legal profession? Will a new generation of clients with the Internet in their DNA expect their lawyers also to be online and what are the implications for law firm business models, law firm structure, and law firm organization?

This workshop will showcase services bars can offer to members who are operating without walls.

MODERATOR A. Scott Chinn, Indianapolis, IN, Past President, Indianapolis Bar Association and Member, NCBP Executive Council

SPEAKERS Chad E. Burton, Dayton, OH, CEO, CuroLegal
Richard S. Granat, Palm Beach Gardens, FL, CEO/Founder, DirectLaw, Inc. and Managing Partner, Granat Legal Services, P.C.
Natalie Kelly, Atlanta, GA, Director of Law Practice Management Program, State Bar of Georgia 2A:

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