Offer “Unbundled Legal Services” with DirectLaw

unbundled legal services“Unbundled Legal Services”, also known as “Limited Scope Legal Services” means that instead of full service representation the attorney, with the client’s consent, offers help in one more limited tasks for a fixed fee. Another way to think about “unbundled legal services” is to think of an ala carte menu with the consumer purchasing just the legal services they need and no more.

“Unbundled legal services” can expand the market for an attorney’s services. When offered online “unbundled legal services” can be a source of additional profitable revenue. Offering a limited legal service is an easy way to establish a client relationship that may lead to a full service engagement in the future.

For additional resources on this concept see: Limited Scope Legal Services: Unbundling and the Self-Help Client, published by the American Bar Association and authored by Stephanie Kimbro and the  Unbundling Resource Center, sponsored by the ABA’s Standing Committee on the Delivery of Legal Services 

DirectLaw as a Platform for the Delivery of “Unbundled Legal Services”

DirectLaw’s virtual law firm platform was created to support the delivery of unbundled legal services online. Besides offering DirectLaw’s automatic legal documents with legal advice for a fixed fee, you can create new fixed fee or “unbundled” legal services using based on your own legal documents.

You can design you own intake questionnaires using Rapidocs and treat the questionnaire as if it were a document for processing through the DirectLaw shopping cart.
While this option does not have the benefits and efficiencies that our libraries of Rapidocs-based documents offer — i.e., clients won’t immediately access and complete an online Questionnaire that will create their documents behind the scenes — our open platform offers the flexibility for law firms to easily sell their own documents via the firm’s “menu” of documents.

How It Works — Selling Non-Rapidocs Documents or New Fixed Fee Legal Services

  • Document purchase is made, and the firm is notified via e-mail.
  • A record appears on the firm’s Attorney Dashboard.
  • Firm obtains from the client the information to prepare the purchase document(s).
  • We encourage firms to use the collaborative features of the platform to facilitate this information gathering process.  For example, start a secure communication with the client to explain next steps;
  • Upload the firm’s own questionnaire or intake form (Word or .pdf format) to the client space;
  • Client returns the completed questionnaire via the upload/file sharing function.
  • Firm uses the information in the completed questionnaire or intake form to prepare the client’s document(s).
  • Firm uploads completed document(s); the client is notified and downloads his/her completed document(s) from the client’s secure portal.

Creating Rapidocs Intake Questionnaires

  • You can create an online questionnaire using Rapidocs which is treated just like a document when processed through the DirectLaw shopping cart. A Rapidocs Intake Questionnaire can have help screens and the questions can respond to logical directions. For example,  if the answer to one question means that another group of questions is irrelevant, the other group of questions can be greyed out. You can use Rapidocs validation rules within a Rapidocs Intake Questionnaire.
  • It is easier to create an online intake form using Rapidocs, than it is in html.
  • The answers to the questionnaire are exported and you can use them to import into a desk-top document assembly solution.
  • You can author a Rapidocs Intake Questionnaire using the Rapidocs authoring system, which is included with your DirectLaw subscription.
  • If you need help with automating or creating an Intake Questionnaire, our team can do it for you.

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