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DirectLaw for Lawyers Enrolled in Incubator Programs.

DirectLaw has released a new version of its cloud-based virtual law platform specifically designed for legal incubator projects. DirectLaw enables incubator program administrators to manage networks of lawyers who are working independently. This platform is now in use at the Boston Bar Association's Volunteer Lawyer's Project and at the Volunteer Lawyer Project of New Mexico Legal Aid. DirectLaw enables incubator lawyers to build law firm business models that offer legal services online and compete effectively against companies like LegalZoom. It is essential that solos and small law firms have an online presence in order to be competitive and have a capability in the future to deliver online legal services.


When you are ready to subscribe go to this special subscription page for lawyers enrolled in an incubator program.

We are pleased to offer lawyers enrolled in an incubator program the opportunity to license DirectLaw's virtual law firm platform on the following terms:

  1. No Set Up Fee. No Subscription Fee. Document Usage Fees Apply.
  2. To qualify, subscribers must indicate that they are enrolled in an incubator program upon registration.
  3. Other Benefits:

The first step is to enroll in our 30-day free trial. This is a fully working version of DirectLaw, except you cannot brand it for your law firm and the ecommerce function is disabled.

DirectLaw 30- Day  Free Trial

We will also provide you with a one-on-one demonstration of DirectLaw. Send us an email at if you want a one-on-one webinar on the benefits of DirectLaw.

Book a webinar about DirectLaw

When you are ready to subscribe, go here.

DirectLaw Network Version

DirectLaw also offers a Network version of DirectLaw that enables an administrator of a network of lawyers to assign cases to a lawyer enrolled in an incubator program. The Network version of DirectLaw includes a front-end web site that is designed to generate leads and referrals for lawyers enrolled in an incubator program. This front-end web site would be a variation of DirectLawConnect, [], except it would be customized for your individual program.
DirectLaw Network has all of the DirectLaw features but it is not ecommerce enabled. These features include legal advice by email or telephone, court coaching services, legal document review, on-line document generation, client-facing calendar functions, and archived threaded communication with clients.

Using DirectLaw Network, administrators of an incubator program can:

Assign a case to an incubator lawyer;

Assign a client to an incubator lawyer;

Monitor the work that the incubator lawyer is doing on the case;

Assign a law student or paralegal to assist the incubator lawyer with a case;

Enable the incubator lawyer to keep track of the time he or she spends on a case;

Collect and track data helpful for developing marketing programs for the law firm; and

Communicate with the attorneys in the network instantly.

To screen clients eligible for incubator services, DirectLaw Network incorporates a state-specific income eligibility calculator as part of the intake process.

White Paper on Virtual Lawyering

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