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About DirectLaw: Building Online Law Firm Brands: One Law Firm at a Time

helps attorneys and smaller law firms build an online brand and deliver legal services online. For more than a decade, SmartLegalForms, Inc., has been revolutionizing the way legal services are delivered by re-engineering legal processes. In 2010, SmartLegalForms, Inc., launched its affiliate company, DirectLaw, Inc., to enable solos and small law firms to provide on-line legal services to their cients over the Internet.

DirectLaw®  adds a virtual law firm platform to any law firm's web site that includes a suite of applications that enable a lawyer to work with their client's online.  Our online marketing and web site development services are designed to support our virtual law firm platform by creating a total marketing solution for the solo and small law firm practitioner.

DirectLaw® , Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of SmartLegalForms, Inc.  SmartLegalForms),  was founded by Attorney Richard Granat in 2000 to provide affordable legal solutions to consumers and small businesses over the Internet. Since 2000, we have created and managed over 30 legal-specific web sites for our own account that serve consumers and small business directly by offering automated legal forms and free legal information. With over a decade of experience in serving consumers and small business directly with our legal solutions, DirectLaw are uniquely positioned to make our web-based technologies available to solos and small law firms.

In 2010, we launched the DirectLaw Virtual Law Firm Platform to enable solo and small law firms to use our proven, web-based Internet technologies to serve their clients.

We have won awards for our legal solutions in recognition of our continuing contribution to change, and have achieved extensive press coverage over the years.

By are pushing the boundaries of delivering technology, SmartLegalForms and DirectLaw, Inc. has helped pioneer radical changes in the legal industry.

DirectLaw is a company with:
An advanced technology platform that supports a virtual law practice;
Developed legal content and automated, state-specific legal forms/document libraries;
A world class proprietary document automation solution called Rapidocs® that is the result of over $5,000,000 in investment over the last decade.
Skills in developing and programming web-based applications and creating legal information web sites; and
Skills to help law firms develop an online brand.

Building Your Online Brand: What Makes Us Different?

The DirectLaw® Virtual Law Firm Platform provides a client portal that enables a law firm to deliver online legal services directly to consumers. It is the convergence of our legal content and virtual law firm technologies that makes us unique. We have produced a wide range of "intelligent" legal documents that cover a vast array of legal situations and form the basis for an online legal service.

There are other practice management solutions that enable a law office to manage timekeeping and billing, case management, calendaring, document management, and other back office functions through a web-based SaaS. (Software as a Service).

DirectLaw®, on the other hand, is totally focused on the concept of building a law firm's online brand through use of client-facing technologies. Our "client portal", together with our search engine optimized web site concept can create capture new clients for the firm and create new sources of revenue. Other web-based practice management solutions do not create new revenue sources. They may help in reducing the costs associated with managing your back office, but they are not "client focused" and don't help you build your online brand.

For document intensive practices, like an estate planning, family law or small business practice, the DirectLaw® web-enabled document automation solution is unique and can serve as the foundation for creating new web-based legal services. No other web-based practice management services company can make that claim.

Our Corporate Culture

Innovation, ingenuity and creativity are watchwords for what we do.

We work together in an informal and mostly virtual environment to produce high-quality, market-leading legal solutions.

Our staff say that working at DirectLaw is as challenging as it is rewarding due to our groundbreaking technology and a fast paced, yet supportive atmosphere where everyone has the opportunity to make a difference.

We are a fast growing company, still small enough to care about individual people, and big enough to partner with household names and blue chip clients.  As such, our staff turnover is one of the lowest in the industry. Many of the employees who started out with us a decade ago still work for the company.

DirectLaw® uses its own "virtual office" technology to manage its operations throughout the United States and Canada.

  • Corporate Headquarters based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

  • Core operations are based in the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. metro area.

  • The Document Automation Team is managed from Chicago, Illinois