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Differentiate your law firm and capture more new clients

Today‚Äôs legal services market is becoming increasingly competitive

As non-lawyer entrants to the legal marketplace, such as LegalZoom, offer affordable legal solutions to consumers, law firms, particularly solos and small law firms, must start looking at new ways to differentiate themselves and increase the number of new prospects they can convert to clients.

And, as consumers become more educated about the range of available legal services, they are beginning to shop around when looking for a lawyer.  Not only do they look for professionalism and expertise, but also accessibility, affordability, and fixed pricing for legal services, all of which can be delivered through DirectLaw's Virtual Law Firm Platform. When a prospective client calls your firm, having spoken to other firms without an online presence, they are more likely to choose yours if looking for convenient web-based access and an easy way to interact with you online.

  • See the results of the YouGov survey for consumer attitudes to online legal service delivery.