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Landing Pages, Design & Search Engine Optimization

Why optimize your landing pages?

  • Get increased client inquiries: You can't attract new clients from the Internet if no one can find your web site.
  • Convert more business
  • Effectively use Google Ad Words
  • Make more money:  You can't make money from your web site if no one can find it.

Landing pages are the most important pages on your site as they are the ones that describe the service your client is looking for e.g. a Divorce or Shareholder's Agreement. If your landing pages don't convert then marketing them will be a waste of money, so getting them right is a good place to start.

Existing pages can be optimized or new ones created to elicit your 'most wanted response'; such as a telephone call, contact form completion or sell a legal service online.

Fees listed are based on a topic area and keyword selection and promotion.  Send us your questions.

Discovery phase:

  • Your Conversion Optimization specialist will speak to you to determine your law firms benefits, unique selling points (USPs) and customers' requirements.
  • Selection of a most wanted response (MWR) and one or two alternatives. (e.g. telephone call, contact form completion, sell on-line legal service.)
  • The MWRs and USPs are matched up to define your page's marketing strategy. (e.g. use the benefit of speaking directly to a lawyer to encourage phone calls).

Creative phase:

  • Wire frame mock up a new page to place the emphasis on key headings, text, calls to action and response-elements (forms and buttons).
  • Write the new headings, body copy and calls to action - with the firms input.
  • Create any additional supporting content required such as form thank you pages, or response emails.

Build phase from:

The cost for this phase can be omitted if your own web designers build the pages

  • Build the live HTML version and integrate into the existing website

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising

Why advertise using Pay Per Click?
  • Get increased client enquiries
  • Convert more business
  • Effectively use Google Adwords
  • Make more money

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are one of the most flexible types of advertising, as your ads appear when a prospective client types in a search term into Google or Bing (Microsoft’s search engine). You decide exactly how much to spend and can quickly see where you are making money. Your campaigns can then be adjusted in real time to increase their profitability.

It is only worthwhile running a PPC advertising campaign if your site is well constructed, has clear calls to action for your most wanted responses. If your site doesn't adhere to certain standards, then you'll first need conversion optimization to get good value from your marketing campaigns.

Next steps

A DirectLaw approved PPC specialist will contact you, discuss your requirements and confirm that you wish to proceed.

Research phase

  1. Choose which landing pages to promote
  2. Shortlist keywords for client approval
  3. Agree budget
  4. Set location & demographic targeting
  5. Define success measurement metrics
  6. Create appropriate messaging

Creative phase

  1. Write Ad Words text and submit for approval
  2. Approve target keywords
  3. Insure that landing pages match the ads and keywords. (If not, landing page optimization will be required.)

Ongoing Optimization & reporting:

  1. Set campaign budget and allocation, including initial keyword bids
  2. Make advertisements go live
  3. Monitor metrics (initially daily, then weekly) and adjust campaign accordingly
  4. Send daily/weekly/monthly performance reports, as required

Fees correspond to the number of services advertised and the monthly ad spend. Click here to send us your questions and get specific answers.

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