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Improve law practice productivity and reduce costs

DirectLaw® can help.

  • The preparation of legal documents can be very time consuming. Even when standard templates are used, the time required to capture the relevant details from an individual client can take up valuable lawyer and/or paralegal time. Using DirectLaw®, the basic administrative function of initial data capture required for the preparation of legal documents is given to the clients, who complete an online questionnaire through which the first document draft is created, ready for review. This frees up valuable time which is better spent providing legal advice, conducting legal analyses, and increasing the profit margin per transaction.  By restructuring the intake process, you experience a leap in productivity.

  • See our Document Assembly pages in the Learning Center for more information about automating the intake and document creation process.

  • Using the Calendar, Communications and File Sharing (Collaboration) features of the DirectLaw® platform reduces "telephone-tag" and provides easy, 24/7 access on the progress of or information related to a client's case. Providing legal advice online can be very efficient because it is asynchronous, meaning that you can do this work during time periods when you are not engaged in more important and pressing work.  The built-in collaboration functions offer quick and easy ways for clients to provide -- at a time convenient for them -- relevant info or details the firm needs to start or continue work on a case. 

  • The File Sharing function may also be used as an online document storage solution, giving your clients convenient, web-based access to documents, scanned copies of files, or other relevant information.  File sharing/storage may be used not only for online clients, but also for your in-office, traditional clients would prefer 24/7 online access to their legal information.  Use this feature to also reduce client requests for duplicate copies of documents, etc. and save valuable staff time.     

  • The capacity to provide an online bill/invoice payment option for all of your clients encourages faster payment, reducing your accounts receivable.  Use the platform's Legal Invoices function and spend less time collecting fees from your clients.   Simply upload a legal invoice (created using your existing billing system) to the client space, and a "Click Here to Pay" link is enabled in the client's Legal Invoices tab.  The client submits payment via online credit card payment and may also download/print a copy of the invoice directly from his/her client space. 

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