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DirectLaw® Features & Pricing

Choose from the affordable subscription plans outlined below.  No software to install. Just a 30-day minimum term for all plans.   A subscription applies to one (1) state jurisdiction.  Contact us for multi-jurisdictional pricing.

DirectLaw PayGo  - Minimum $49/month (solo) + $50 per additional attorney/month*.  Includes Core Features plus Web-Enabled Document Automation features listed below -- includes our full library of Rapidocs-automated documents.  *Document Usage Fees apply. Document Usages Fees are credited against the monthly subscription fee. Thus if you utilize the document automation application, your monthly subscription fee can go to zero. The monthly subscription fee for DirectLaw PayGo is a minimum aganst which Document Usage Fees apply. Includes free listing in If volume increases to the level where it makes sense to step up to DirectLaw Complete, you can upgrade to DirectLaw Complete at any time but the minimum term for an upgrade is one year. Optional set-up fee and onlne training: $150.00.

DirectLaw Complete - $199/month (solo) + $50 per additional attorney/month*.  Includes Core Features plus Web-Enabled Document Automation features listed below -- includes our full library of Rapidocs-automated documents and the ability to add your own Rapidocs or non-Rapidocs documents.  Document Usage Fees DO NOT apply. Includes free listing in

What's the difference?   DirectLaw PayGo and DirectLaw™ Complete offer full access to our comprehensive automated document libraries and the ability to add your own documents.  Document Usage Fees apply under to PayGo, and do not apply under Complete. 

Free 30 Day Trial to DirectLaw

DirectLaw ClientSpace™ - Core Features

Virtual law firm with client portal ready for use immediately after purchase.  Self-serve interface is provided to add your firm's logo, fonts and colors.    

Client Registration and Client Login page with username & password logon for every client.  Includes unlimited number of client accounts. 
Secure, encrypted attorney-client communications.  Time and date stamped in threaded archives and accessible 24/7.  
Calendaring to post upcoming dates/events.  Includes an automatic reminder feature.
Web-based file storage with upload/download functions and 24/7 access.
Online legal advice delivery system. Sell advice by phone, e-mail and/or web cam.
Document review interface. Supports custom quotes for sale of doc review services.

Legal Invoicing.  Easy-to-use interface to upload legal invoices/bills to a client's account for convenient, online credit card payment of legal fees.

MyAccount. Stores client contact info.  Downloadable to Excel or .csv file for e-mail newsletter and other mailing list management.
Legal Resources section to post client-relevant legal info/links. 
Integrated credit card processing for online purchases and invoicing.  Provided through Chase Paymentech.
DirectLaw Security and Data Storage
Hosting by DataPoint, Inc., the Mid-Atlantic's premier Tier IV data center and hosting provider based in Baltimore, Maryland.  Datapoint is a Tier IV carrier-class data center that has achieved Statement on Auditing Standards No. 70 (SAS 70) Type II certification.
GeoTrust Dedicated SSL Certificate on ClientSpace™ client portal pages.
Managed and dedicated Cisco Firewall Protection.  24x7x365 Server Monitoring.
Daily back-ups, off-site storage of back-ups on tape, plus hot database backups.
Managed load balancing and managed operating system.

$1 million Internet Liability Insurance Policy in force.

DirectLaw Training and Support
Telephone and e-mail based support.  Dedicated law firm support portal provided at
Online FAQs and webinars.
Online user manuals and videos.
Telephone training (one hour).
DirectLaw Marketing Support
Guidance materials on marketing legal services online.
Listing in the Directory of Virtual Law Firms. Learn More...
Online marketing assistance.  *Optional Service.

*See pricing below.

DirectLaw Pricing
DirectLaw PayGo - $49/month (solo) + $50 per additional attorney/month up to *four (4) attorneys; includes Core Features, plus Web-Enabled Document Automation features below.  No limited on Rapidocs document selected. Document Usage Fees Apply. sign up for DirectLaw 
DirectLaw Complete - $199/month (solo) + $50 per additional attorney/month up to *four (4) attorneys; includes Core Features, plus Web-Enabled Document Automation features below.  Document Usage Fees DO NOT apply

Discounts may be available for longer terms.  Contact Us.
sign up for DirectLaw
*Firms in excess of 4 attorneys -- call for a custom quote.  $0 monthly charge for paralegals and other law firm support staff.
DirectLaw web-enabled document automation
Web-enabled, automated legal documents powered by Rapidocs. Sell online documents bundled with legal advice from our Document Libraries.   Document Usage Fees Apply (DirectLaw PayGo only). 

Rapidocs Author - The document authoring system. Create Rapidocs-automated documents using your own content and sell them via your DirectLaw® platform.  NOTE:  Usage fees do not apply to firm-created documents.  May only be sold online via DirectLawComplete.

Publication of automated in-house documents to your DirectLaw® platform (DirectLawComplete only).

Sell your own, non-Rapidocs documents DirectLawComplete only). Usage fees do not apply Learn More...

DirectLaw WorkSpace DirectLaw Workspace
Assistance in automating your firm's in-house documents.  *Optional Service.
AttorneyWorkSpace is designed for off-line clients. For example client intake in the office in a face-to-face meeting, by telephone, or through a paper questionnaire.
No Document Usage Fees apply when your staff inputs the client data manually into the system. Document Usage Fees apply only when the client inputs their data directly into the web browser to assemble a document.

 *See pricing below

Document Usage Fees

Document Usage Fees range from $0 to $29.95 per document sold.  Refer to Document Usage Information.  Calculated monthly based on prior month’s sales and in accordance with established per-document costs.  Fees apply only to online sales or use of DirectLaw-created Rapidocs documents by the client. Document Usage Fees do not apply to use by law firm staff inputting information collected off-line by other means.

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Optional Services and Additional Charges:

Document Usage Fees* Calculated in accordance with established per-document costs.  Apply only to online sales or use of DirectLaw-created Rapidocs documents. Does not apply to law firm interactive documents authored in Rapidocs. Range from $0 to $29.95 per document sold.

Refer to Document Usage Information.
Customization of Firm Header on Platform Pages.
Integration with front-end Web Site.
Customization beyond that which is provided via the "Customize Appearance" interface on the Attorney Dashboard.  For example, integration of header navigation or other custom design elements. Incudes additional n-line training. $150 fixed fee.


Credit Card Transaction Processing Fee Credit card processing fee will be deducted from proceeds of sale of services. 2.8 % of gross fees net of refunds.
Development Fees Development of law firm-specific, customized automated documents and forms. At a daily (7 hours) rate of $750/day. Billed in 15 minute increments or a quoted, fixed price based on complexity.
Training Fees Additional training needed in excess of that provided. At a daily (7 hours) rate of $750/day.
Technical Consulting Fee Technical consulting and/or custom web site development. At a daily (7 hours) rate of $750/day.
Online Marketing Assistance Set-Up of Online Marketing Campaign using Google and Yahoo and other search engines, including selection of key words and search engine optimization.

$250 Set-up Fee.

Option also available for DirectLaw to manage your online marketing campaign for an administrative fee of 10% of your advertising expenditures, paid on a monthly basis.

Virtual Paralegal Assistance Trained virtual paralegal assistance to help you manage your virtual practice and to help you prepare your online legal documents. $25 per hour. Billed monthly.  Billed in 15 minute increments.

Our Advantage: The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Concept

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