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DirectLaw® makes virtual lawyering simple.

DirectLaw - virtual lawyering made simple     The DirectLaw® Virtual Law Firm Platform is unique.  It is the only proven solution that enables law firms to offer legal documents and services online -- no major, upfront capital investment required -- and includes:

DirectLaw - virtual lawyering made simple  A turnkey, virtual law office solution that easily integrates with your law firm's front-end (client-facing) web site.  No complex programming required.

DirectLaw - virtual lawyering made simple  The ability to efficiently serve and interact with clients online via a secure client portal ("ClientSpace").  Features include a communications interface; web-based document storage and file sharing; legal invoicing (online bill pay); calendaring and more.

DirectLaw - virtual lawyering made simple  Access to our SmartLegalForms®  libraries -- automated forms/documents powered by Rapidocs, our document assembly software.  Rapidocs document templates are deployed in the web browser (i.e., Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) where an online questionnaire is completed by the client.  The completion of the questionnaire generates a first draft behind the scenes, automating both the intake and document drafting process.  Learn more about our document libraries.

DirectLaw - virtual lawyering made simple  A built-in credit card processing system, giving your clients the ability to purchase legal documents, legal advice by phone/e-mail/web cam, legal document review services, and even pay legal bills/invoices via their "client space". 

DirectLaw - virtual lawyering made simple  Ongoing law firm tech support and training.

DirectLaw - virtual lawyering made simple  Easy set up and integration.  Submit your 1st monthly payment at sign up, and gain immediate access to your DirectLaw® platform.  Our entire process is automated.  Our built-in Customize Appearance tool enables you to "brand" your Virtual Law Firm Platform with your law firm's logo/colors; link it to your web site; and be up and running in a few hours.  Click here to get started.

DirectLaw - virtual lawyering made simple DirectLaw® is powered by Rapidocs, the leading web-enabled document automation technology, developed by Epoq. For over 10 years, Epoq has been developing new and innovative legal solutions.  We are a trusted provider to many of the world's leading financial institutions and now provide access to legal services for over 1.5 million of their customers in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Since 1998, Epoq invested over $10 million in technologies and relationships to fully manage the delivery of legal services. We have developed over 550 individual award-winning solutions (including Wills, Divorce and Employment), and work with our network of highly respected legal call centers and law firms throughout the UK and the United States.

We serve thousands of customers each month and have done so for over 10 years.  Our innovative, web-enabled document automation approach is a tested technology.  We know from our experience that it works for both consumers and for small businesses.
DirectLaw - virtual lawyering made simple NEW!  Sell your own documents via the platform.
DirectLaw - virtual lawyering made simple Interactive Document Authoring with Rapidocs Author.  Rapidocs Author is our authoring tool and is included free of charge with DirectLaw® platform.  Author your own documents, and we will publish them to your firm's platform (DirectLaw®Complete only).  If you need help with authoring, we provide technical support for an additional fee.