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Technology: Increasing Law Firm Productivity and Profitability.

How does DirectLaw work? A Description of DirectLaw Work Flow.

  • Your client selects a legal service from your website and answers an interactive questionnaire
  • In the background the first draft of the document is prepared - tailored to the client's circumstances
  • The client can purchase your service online or alternatively agree a fee with you
  • You securely receive the first draft on your desktop to review and amend where appropriate
  • Your client receives an e-mail notification to securely download their finalized document or make an appointment to see you.

Other DirectLaw features:

How DirectLaw Workscollaborate and communicate securely with your clients on-line
How DirectLaw Worksecommerce is integrated to enable clients to pay their legal bills on-line by credit card.
How DirectLaw Workssell legal advice by the questions and other "unbundled" legal services, such as "court-coaching"
How DirectLaw Worksschedule appointments with clients on-line.

What does it mean for my firm?

  • Increasing law firm productivity and profitability
  • A turn-key solution
  • A 24 hour 'virtual' 'office
  • No capital cost or long term tie-ins. Low monthly subscription fee.
  • Inclusion of libraries of hundreds of state specific legal documents automated with our own web-enabled document automation solution.

Can my firm use the same tools to draft documents quickly ourselves? Can I create my own automated legal documents?

  • Attorney WorkSpace™  is included with your DirectLaw subscription which supports in-office clients.
  • Create your own automated documents quickly using Rapidocs Author, the Rapidocs authoring system.
  • Watch the first draft assemble in real-time in accordance with your needs
  • Edit the draft further in your word processor