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Rapidocs: Our Web-Enabled Document Assembly Technology

Rapidocs serves as both an efficiency and a quality-control tool, delivering powerful features and benefits.

Rapidocs features:

  • Flexibility - virtually any form or document, regardless of its complexity, may be automated with this unique technology.
  • Easy to use - the highly intuitive Rapidocs interface enables users to create documents with little or no prior experience.
  • An answer only needs to be given once to enter it into the document however many times it is needed.
  • No software to install. Rapidocs is browser independent and will work in both a Windows and a Macintosh/iPad environment.
  • Security - all documents and forms are locked with 128-bit key encryption, making them ultra secure.
  • Web friendly - documents can be accessed directly from a web browser and easily completed online.
  • Easy to author - You can author your own automated documents and forms using Rapidocs Author, and we will publish to your site at no additional cost to you (DirectLaw Complete subscriptions only).

Rapidocs benefits:

  • Time saving - documents that previously took hours to produce and approve can be created and finalized in minutes.
  • Cost saving - whether through the time saved, or potential headcount reduction, Rapidocs enables a law firm to cut costs and thereby increase the bottom line.
  • Efficiency - by facilitating the creation and storage of documents electronically, physical storage and management of paper becomes largely unnecessary.
  • Consistency and quality control - keying errors are significantly reduced by the advanced validation features Rapidocs has to offer.
  • New revenue opportunities - firms are increasingly taking advantage of Rapidocs' powerful technology to offer legal services to consumers and other businesses online

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