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How the DirectLaw Virtual Law Firm Platform Works

DirectLaw's Virtual Law Firm Platform is designed to be very easy to use – for you and your clients.

The DirectLaw® platform is easy to set up.  Submit your 1st monthly payment at sign up, and gain immediate access to your DirectLaw® platform, ready for customization.  Our entire process is automated.  After purchase, customize your Virtual Law Firm Platform with our easy-to-use "Customize Appearance" tool; link it to your web site; and be up and running in a few hours. Our staff is ready to assist you if you have any problems.

DirectLaw® is also very easy for your clients to use.

Clients can easily purchase legal advice; purchase legal documents bundled with legal advice; collaborate, share files, communicate, and pay their bills online via their secure "client space".  If a password is forgotten, systems are in place to for automatic password reset.  The firm can also setup a client account using our Quick Registration procedure.

DirectLaw uses Rapidocs the leading document automation systemCentral to this ease-of-use is Rapidocs, our sophisticated and groundbreaking online document automation solution.

Your clients click on the link to the document they need and seamlessly access the Rapidocs system.  This presents them with an easy-to-complete questionnaire, specific to the document they are purchasing from you.

As a client complete the questionnaire, answers are used to create the document automatically in real time, behind the scenes.  Help boxes and information prompts appear throughout every questionnaire to help the client understand what is being asked, provide definitions of legal terms, etc. so that the vast majority of client questions are dealt with inside the questionnaire itself.

When a client has completed an online questionnaire, (s)he simply presses a "submit" button to send it to the firm.  The firm is alerted via e-mail and the document draft is ready for review on your Attorney Dashboard.  You can then securely access the first draft online, amend it as required and, once you have approved it, inform your client.  The client retrieves the document by downloading it from his or her "client space" -- or you may instruct the client to come into your office to collect it – whatever works best for you and your practice.

Client Work Flow Through the DirectLaw Platform