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About Rapidocs Author - the Rapidocs Authoring System

Create Your Own Automated Documents

Rapidocs Author is a complete authoring tool for creating interactive Rapidocs® templates. This cost-effective solution includes everything you need to create your intelligent document templates and quickly assemble an unlimited number of documents.

  • Existing word processor-created documents (such as MS Word documents) may be used to create your templates or use Adobe Acrobat files to create forms.  Logic, rules and validation are used in template and form authoring, streamlining document creation and reducing errors inherent in any repetitive task.

  • We will author Rapidocs® templates to be published to your web site for you. We have an experienced Document Automation Team to do this work for you or train you and your staff to do it yourself (training and/or custom document automation fees apply). 

  • Document authoring/automation pricing depends on complexity, number of clauses, and number of fields.  This means that each document project is considered to be a separate "project" and is priced individually.

  • Rapidocs Author is included with every subscription at no additional cost.

  • Please visit our FAQ's and Knowledge Base for information and answers to frequently asked questions about Rapidocs.  See:
    -- Can I sell my own documents?  What are my options?
    -- Common Questions about Rapidocs Documents


We provide training to developers using Rapidocs Author, by telephone and webinar.