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DirectLaw Attorney WorkSpace™

Where law firms are looking to improve the efficiency and quality of their in-house document assembly process, DirectLaw Attorney WorkSpace™ provides the perfect solution.

This application is designed for in-office ("offline") clients who are technology averse or are simply not interested in using online services offered by your firm.

Attorney WorkSpace™ brings the benefits of web-enabled document automation to your law firm without the complexities of automating the documents, installing new software/hardware, or learning a complex software application.

It utilizes the power of our latest Rapidocs® online document automation software together with our comprehensive legal content, so that lawyers and support staff can produce complex and accurate document drafts covering a wide range of practice areas.

Our Rapidocs® templates are created, maintained and updated by our team of lawyers and paralegals.  We are continuously extending the depth and scope of our trusted legal document content, as well as adding more services to the practice areas covered.

The benefits of DirectLaw Attorney Workspace™

  • Quickly draft complex documents, saving time and money.
  • So sophisticated the first draft is often the final draft.
  • Reliable and always up-to-date, web-based service.
  • Document drafts instantly, on-screen so you can assess if you need to amend further.
  • Edit the created draft in your word processor (i.e., MS Word, WordPerfect).
  • Trusted legal content used by law firms and well known brands in the United States and Canada.
  • Developed and maintained by our team of attorneys and paralegals.
  • Growing range of legal document content covering many practice areas.

DirectLaw Attorney Workspace™ Includes:

  • Our secure, password-protected WorkSpace™ web page application that enables you to manage all client-related data and documents.
  • MyAccount. Stores attorney user information and enables attorneys to update personal information or change their account password. Client contact information can be downloaded to Excel spreadsheet format.
  • Our complete DirectLaw® Document Library -- access to approximately 200 interactive, web-enabled Rapidocs® document templates.  A subscription covers a single state jurisdiction. Multiple jurisdictions are priced separately. See our Document Catalog for a partial list of documents and forms available.  NOTE:  Document usage fees do NOT apply to documents generated via Attorney Workspace™.  You can generate as many documents as you wish for internal use.  Usage fees only apply to documents purchased via credit card from your client-facing Legal Documents tab.
  • Ability to create a client account via the platform; add a Questionnaire(s) to that account; and provide a client with online access to complete and submit the Questionnaire at his/her convenience using the web-based functionalities of the platform's "client space".   Traditional or hourly billing may still be used in this scenario.
  • Access to Questionnaires associated with our popular and high volume documents.  Questionnaires are downloadable in .pdf (portable data format) for use in Adobe Reader and are tightly integrated with our Rapidocs document templates.  The Questionnaires are designed to be printed and used in-house for those "technology/Internet challenged" clients. 

DirectLaw Attorney WorkSpace™ is included with all DirectLaw subscription plans at no additional cost.

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