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DirectLaw Virtual Law Firm Network

The DirectLaw Virtual Law Firm Directory is a network of law firms who offer what is known as "limited legal services" or "unbundled legal services" via the Internet.

DirectLaw is the only law firm directory consisting of virtual law firms who embrace "e-Lawyering" concepts. 

The DirectLaw consumer portal was created to raise public awareness of the increasing number of law firms who have a true "client-facing" web site with the capability of delivering online legal services. 

We also want to raise public awareness of the concept of unbundled legal services, whereby you purchase the "legal advice you need, when you need it".   DirectLaw.US serves to educate consumers on the availability of affordable, online legal services which can be purchased via credit card online.

DirectLaw firms subscribing to DirectLaw ClientSpacePayGo or DirectLaw ClientSpaceComplete are listed in the   DirectLaw.Us  Virtual Law Firm Directory at no additional charge - it's simply a benefit of DirectLaw your DirectLaw Subscription.

Visit to view a short video, obtain detailed info on features and pricing, and register for the Free Trial.

We make it simple to open your "virtual law firm" now:

checkmarkEasy to use and set up.
checkmarkWeb-based state of the art document automation included.
checkmarkNo software or hardware to buy or maintain.
checkmarkNo hidden costs.
checkmarkNo legal forms or documents to automate.
checkmarkAuthoring system included if you want to author your own forms.
checkmarkState-specific automated legal document libraries included.
checkmarkeCommerce functionality included
checkmarkNew features added continuously