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Here are what a few of our clients have to say about DirectLaw

"DirectLaw has enabled us to create a virtual law firm presence easily and without the need for a large upfront capital investment to use the DirectLaw technology itself. Since information intake from clients is web-based and automated, we don’t even need to be in the office to bring in new clients. We are able to generate documents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week." - John Deachman, Craig, Deachman & Cowie New Hampshire

"DirectLaw has really taken my practice to the next level. I am now able to reach a whole new genre of client who want things fast, easy and efficient with the hassle of spending time in a lawyer’s office. I could not be more pleased with the results." - Robert Grossbart, Grossbart, Portney & Rosenberg, Baltimore, Maryland

"DirectLaw allows my team to focus on more than just paperwork. By enabling clients to create their own documents over the Internet our attorneys are able to spend more time giving legal advice, amending and refining client documents and other tasks. We can do literally do three times the work in the same amount of time." - Taj McCree, Esquire Direct, Boston, MA

"The Rapidocs 4 solution allows us to open up our range of legal services to the public in a way that other document services simply can't - the ability to see and interact with their own draft of a particular legal document before committing to purchase gives a definite sales advantage, because the whole process is upfront an transparent: clients can see what they are paying for, see how it is relevant to them, see that the information they supply modifies their document, and see that there is a great deal of thought and legal expertise that underpins our online service. The whole process is more interactive and guided, and when backed with our own in-house expertise for legal review of the draft created, offers a very strong value proposition - we are expecting to attract new clients this way, as physical location becomes much less of an issue when you can clearly demonstrate your expertise through an online engagement. As well as potential new revenue and new services, the cost savings the system can bring makes us more competitive, so there are multiple areas through which we stand to benefit." - Matthew Tossell, Managing Partner, Hugh James.

"The introduction of DirectLaw has addressed our firm's requirements to improve the speed and efficiency of our document drafting process, as well as make us more competitive by offering a more convenient and affordable service to our clients." - Steve Garbett, IT Director, Farleys