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The SmarterWill Program

A National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys Delivering Limited Legal Services Online.


The SmarterWill network of estate planning attorneys is a limited network of attorneys (approximately 150 nationwide),  all of whom:

  • use a customized version of the SmarterWill web site, powered by the DirectLaw Virtual Law Firm Platform;
  • subscribe to an exclusive territory of approximately 1,000,000 residents;
  • agree to use the SmarterWill collection of automated legal estate planning documents, powered by Rapidocs;
  • agree to charge the same fee for estate planning documents bundled with legal advice from their web sites;
  • receive a free listing on the SmarterWill consumer portal web site which provides a mechanism for generating prospects for each individual law firm's Web site.

The goals of the program are:

  •  capture new clients and new sources of revenue online;
  • generate new, in-office business from your SmarterWill Web site;
  • expand your brand on-line and differentiate your firm from the competition.