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DirectLaw Quick Registration

Inviting Clients to Register at your Law Firm Web Site

The DirectLaw platform functionality includes a registration function, allowing your Web site visitors to register, thereby creating their "client space" or client account through which then can interact with you and your firm.  This is function of the DirectLaw client portal which we call ClientSpace.

You may find that existing or in-office clients may welcome this type of online interaction and enjoy the convenience of sharing documents/files with the firm in a secure environment; communicating with you; paying invoices for legal fees/bills; and much more.

The Attorney Dashboard includes an "Invite Client" function which makes it easy to individually invite clients to register at your site:

-- Log into the firm's Attorney Dashboard
-- Click on the Client Admin tab
-- Click on the Invite Client link (found below the Search box/function)
-- Enter the client's e-mail address
-- Use the standard text we provide -- OR -- insert your own subject line and message  
-- Click on Send.

We call this registration work flow, Quick Click Registration.