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Export Answers From a Rapidocs Template

Exporting the Rapidocs Answer File to .RTF (rich text format)

If you are subscribing under DirectLaw Complete, you have access to our libraries of automated documents.  When a client completes the online Questionnaire and submits it to the firm, a complete set of docs is generated and is instantly ready for review by the firm. 

However, there may be times when you want to take the raw client data (answer file) and use it for other purposes or with other software you use in your own practice, or you simply want to review all of the client's answers in an easy-to-read format.

Rapidocs exports an Answer File in .RTF file format. .RTF means Rich Text Format and it will open within MS WORD and any other .RTF compatible word processor.

Exporting the answer file from Rapidocs is easy. 

When a client has completed and submitted a Questionnaire to the firm, a record appears on your Attorney Dashboard > Doc Prep tab.  To obtain the answer file:

1)  Log into your Attorney Dashboard > Doc Prep tab

2)  Locate the client's record listed under the Submitted Questionnaires > Document column.

3)  Click on the Export Answers link found under the Action column.  When you click on the Export Answers link, a window will open and prompt you to Open or Save the answer file.  Choose whichever option you wish.

NOTE:  An "Export Answers" link also appears within the Unsubmitted Questionnaires.  However, until a client completes and submits the Questionnaire to the firm, the record will not appear in the Submitted Questionnaires section.  The Unsubmitted Questionnaires section is there simply to provide firms with an idea of which clients or prospective clients have purchased and/or accessed a questionnaire but has not yet submitted it to the firm.