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Rapidocs Authoring: Common Questions

QUESTION:  I have signed up for your free trial and am very interested in the service.  However, it appears that you do not have many state-specific forms for use.  

Our complete list of available documents is located here:

You'll notice that a number of documents do not include the state title in the document title -- however, that is a function of how the document template was created.  For example, instead of creating 51 unique Will for Single Testator document templates (one for each state), we created a master template that generates state-specific documents based on the state selection at the beginning of the questionnaire.  

However, there are instances where we have created state-specific templates like LLC, Incorporation, and No-Fault Divorce docs.  In this case, the template is specifically titled as a state-specific, standalone template which generates the prescribed court documents specific to that particular action, i.e., Georgia No-Fault Divorce.

QUESTIONWhat is the typical cost for you to put together forms for my use? 

Our custom development pricing is $750/day (7 hour day, or $107 per hour).  There really isn't a typical cost for a document as every project is unique.  Many times it depends on how much leg work the firm can commit to assisting in developing the template.  For example, if a firm is able to outline and write the questions, variable fields, related clauses and overall if/and scenarios, as well as provide text for explanation/help prompts, it would require less time by our staff and therefore the cost would be lower.    We are happy to quote a fee for any custom documents a firm wants us to create.  We simply need the core content and a general outline of questions/variables to get a sense of the scope of the project.

QUESTIONI assume that this also includes putting together the client's questionnaire for that form, is that right? 

Yes.  The way Rapidocs works is that the questionnaire and document content/assembly is all contained within one file.  Our technology enables us to display only the questionnaire part of the template (file) to the client online -- where the view of the document assembly is suppressed while the document is actually being generated behind the scenes.   

QUESTION: Specifically, I would be looking to get the automated forms of my will and powers of attorney. 

Due to the numerous scenarios, clauses, and complexity of wills in general the development cost can be quite high.  That being said, if you are able to provide a good outline/map of the document construction and variable clauses, it would help contain the cost.  It would likely be best to review what we have created and determine if you are able to use our existing Estate Law (and any libraries) documents as it will save you a lot of time & money.  

QUESTIONAlso, if you were to put together these forms for me, do the document usage fees mentioned on the website apply?

These forms would not be made available to others signing up for your service if I have you automate them for me, would they?  Document fees are not assessed on documents that you have created using Rapidocs Author -- or docs that we have created for you as a custom project.  In both scenarios, the docs would be flagged as law firm-specific (custom) docs that are only available to the law firm who created them or paid to have them created.  No other firms would have access to them.

QUESTION:  Finally, what is your turnaround time? 

There isn't a standard turnaround time.  It would be solely dependent on the complexity of the work.  After reviewing the project to determine scope/complexity & cost, we would provide a timeframe based on those factors.