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Sell Legal Advice by Phone

Consumers can now purchase legal advice by the telephone call from other web sites on the Internet such as JustAnswer and the Avvo Advisor Service.

These services are growing very fast and take adantage of the traffic that goes to these sites.

Legal Advice by the phone is an example of "unbundled legal service" which is fast emergng as a preferred alternative by consumers.

There are problems with these new question and answer Platforms for solo and small law firm practitioners.

  • They promote their brand over your brand.

  • They control the relationship with the client.

  • They set their price - not you.

  • The revenue share can be more 20% or more of the gross fee.

  • It is difficult to leverage the contact with the client into the sale of additional legal services.

We do think that solos and small law firm's should be using these new sites to extend their brand on-line, but to optimize the moentization of your law firm brand you need to be able to offer legal advice per call from your own web site as a "limited legal service."

DirectLaw enables you to:

  • Promoteyour own brand.

  • Set your own pricing.

  • Leverage the telephone call into the purchase of additional legal services.

    The DirectLaw Legal Advice by Phone feature enables you to schedule a phone call, assign a price, receive payment by credit card, and manage the entire transaction.

After completion of a phone call/consultation, the firm may record summary notes by using the Notes link within the Legal Advice > Calls section.  The notes are only viewable by the firm/attorney.

When a Legal Advice Phone Call client has been contacted and the order is considered complete, use the Change Status to Completed link to move the client to the Completed Calls section.

Legal Advice by Webcam


A variation of sell legla advice by phone, is to sell legla advice by webcam using a application like Skype. Legal Advice Web Cam purchases are managed within the Legal Advice tab.  After completion of a web cam consultation, the firm may record Notes by using the Open link within the Legal Advice > Legal Advice by Web Cam section.